Tiffany Jana & Ashley Diaz Mejias

How do we erase institutional bias? Great question! Read Erasing Institutional Bias to find out. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, geez…

…All right, all right, fine. I’ll cover the basics for ya, but you’d better still go out and buy this friggin book!

This friggin book offers inspired clarity on a topic that makes many of us uncomfortable just to think about, let alone try to solve. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day! (That doesn’t have anything to do with institutional bias but I just thought I’d pepper in 1-2 historical fun facts.) Enacting real change in the world of systemic prejudice takes a constant intentional effort. That may be why so many lame-o CEOs are too reticent to try! Or maybe it’s because they’re reaping the rewards from a corporate structure that’s been actively designed to benefit them? Who knows!

Despite their different fields, it’s clear that both authors are well versed in the realm of tackling biases. After earning her MA in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia and her Masters of Divinity at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Ashley has devoted her academic work to researching and writing on racial bias. She has written for blogs and led institutional conversations on race, systemic bias, and mass incarceration. Tiffany is the founder and CEO of TMI Portfolio, a collection of socially responsible and interconnected companies working to advance more culturally inclusive and equitable workforces. TMI Portfolio’s consulting arm, TMI Consulting, Inc. Previously, they co-wrote Overcoming Biasa book focusing on addressing personal biases within ourselves.

Dom and I had a great time with Tiffany and Ashley. I did a great job interview-wise, while Dom tried his best. Bless his heart!

I hope you consider the fact that I’m writing a particularly long post for this one, and take it to mean that this episode is worth it! All jokes aside, we applaud these determined movers and shakers for writing what is sure to be required reading for employers (and employees) everywhere.


Mickael Broth – Murals of Richmond

Here’s a tidbit of info you might not know: there’s a bleep-ton of murals in our fair city! There are many of them, and they are awesome. Now, FOR THE FIRST TIME, a collection of these murals has been curated by one of Richmond’s most celebrated muralists, the Night Owl (aka Mickael Broth).

Dom and I sat down with Mr. Owl to chat about how he started off as a lad, tagging walls, and the unjust consequences he ultimately faced. We even touch on the US prison industrial complex! Oh yeah, we also talk about murals. It’s mostly about murals.

This is an amazing book. You can pre-order a copy from Chop Suey (who is publishing the book). You can enjoy endless hours of mural-gazing while keeping the lights on and WonTon fed!

[Full Disclosure: I work at Chop Suey] [Fuller Disclosure:n I would be raving about this book even if I didn’t] [Fullest Disclosure: follow us on FB and subscribe to our podcast. We love you]

Lanvi, Koreena, Julia & Dante

What to say about these four precious souls? Young. Enthusiastic. Bright futures, all. AND SMERT AF

[To be read in Stefon’s voice] If you just stumbled out of the ICA, high on life and just a smidge of salvia, this episode is for you. Radio’s hottest show is Prose & Cons. This podcast has everything: holographic poems, group telepathy, and milfs!

LEt’ s throw down some art


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POEs and Cons

Get it?? This week’s episode is all about Richmond’s favorite (adopted?) son, Edgar Allen! Dom conducts an informative AND entertaining interview with Tyler Minx of the Richmond Poe Museum and even manages not to screw it up too bad. Good job, Dom!

Also, I spent WAY too long having fun with the intro and outro, so please, respect my art…

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Crows & Pawns – Top 3 Manga!

Are you a nerd? Do you love Japanese comics as much as we do? Good! This episode is for you. You, specifically. We have tailored this episode to your exact specifications, [insert name here].

If you’ve ever wondered about the deeper implications of fan service or the significance behind Goku’s monkey tail, YOU ARE IN LUCK.

Let us know if you liked or hated this special ep by commenting below OR just email me. ben at Happy listening, y’all!


Best of Life in 10 Minutes

There’s this other thing that I do and it’s called the Life in 10 Minutes Poodcast! Podchasm. Pondcharm. Porkchop?

Life in 10 Minutes is a collection of stories that are brave and true. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious. Usually a bit of both.

L10 founder Valley Haggard is the recipient of this year’s Emyl Jenkins Award for the outstanding work she has done for her ever-growing village. This episode is dedicated to her.

Stories from:

Tim McCready, Valley Haggard, Lee Sowder, Mary Jo McLaughlin, Susan Singer, Maureen McSweeney, Megan Neal, Sema Wray, Llewellyn Hensley, and Jerry Long

Original music by Tim McCready


Melissa Powell Gay

We all have to go on our personal odysseys for growth and money or whatever, but it’s not until we return home that we see how much we’ve grown…or regressed. Melissa’s Mount Pleasant series shows us the life and times of Iris and her father Henry after she leaves the big city lights for simpler rural times. We talked about the second book in the series “Every Now and Then” and her plans for addressing racial tension in a time where compassion amongst races seems to be waning. Ben was off larping or planting microgreens so Dom handled this biz. Give it a listen..or don’t! The least you could do though is check out Melissa’s work. Enjoy.