Crows & Pawns Top 3 Anime (movies) II

Nerds, assemble! Let your geek flag fly, I say. Prose & Cons is cool and all, but how would you like to be transported to a world where anime is the sole source of entertainment? Where hentai, fan service, and camera angles are praised and condemned in the same sentence? Where whimsical tangents frequently derail the conversation and quickly devolve into uncontrollable fits of giggling? Fear not, child: you have arrived.

CROWS + PAWNS is here to sate your anime needs. This is a service we provide to our adoring fans. Of which there are many. Welcome to the cool kids club, friendo.

NEXT WEEK on P&C we got Mr. Hampton Sides, the patron saint of military and expeditionary history non-fiction goodness. He’s promoting his newish book, On Desperate GroundI’m reading it now and can give you the inside scoop: it’s good!

NEXT TIME on Crows and Pawns: Smash Bros. Ultimate episode?? Why not!

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