Crows & Pawns – Top 3 Anime! (series)


If you’re thinking, “that’s a stupid name for an episode,” you’re right! That’s why it’s the title of our new show-within-a-show. Crows & Pawns is where we take a break from the poetry and the novels and the writing process and simply shoot the breeze about theĀ things we love.

If you heard this episode on the radio and hated it, don’t worry! The majority of these pop-culture based episodes will be released exclusively via podcast. If you loved it, good news! You can hear a new Crows & Pawns (almost) every week in addition to our normal weekly episode of Prose & Cons.

If you’re wondering why we chose this silly name, you’re in luck! I’m about to tell you. Ravens get a whole lot of attention, largely due to that weirdo who used to live here, Mr. Poe, who apparently wrote a poem about them or something. The town of Baltimore named a whole friggin football team after them! Ravens are cool, they’re sleek, they’re dark and mysterious. As far as birds go, ravens are the whole package!

We are not cool, not sleek. We are not dark and mysterious. We’re dorks! And nerds. Much like the majestic raven’s smaller, lamer cousin, the crow.

I’m too tired to write out a contrived explanation of the “pawns” part, but it’s definitely in the episode ;P

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