Austin Lewis and Dewey Collins

People don’t Die in the Comics Anymore

What does that mean? Is that true? What does anything mean?? Is there such a thing as objective truth? You decide!

Dom and I sat down to chat with spunky up-and-coming local filmmaking duo Austin and Dewey, of Remember Tommy Productions. The two met at film school, and Dewey quickly became a regular collaborator in such projects as Nick Triumph & the Paci Fist. and The DIE-NER (their entry in the 48-hour film fest). Also, other things!

Their most recent and most ambitious endeavor is the feature-length People don’t Die in the Comics Anymore. The movie follows a man known only as The Filmmaker as he attempts to film a documentary about the Off Switch, a device which allows anyone who has one (in this world, mostly everyone) to quickly, cleanly, and painlessly commit suicide. It’s all the rage!

Want to find out more? Listen to the show, ya donk! Want to find out more, much more?? Seek out these fine young gentlemen at your nearest Blockbuster, or wherever movies are sold.


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