Harry Kollatz

Harry is the man. Staff writer for Richmond Magazine for goin’ on 27 years, longtime fixture of local theatre, author of TWO books of Richmond history and ONE upcoming novel, Carlisle MontgomeryHe fit right in with us two weirdos and came with more than one funny voice!

From the author: “Carlisle Montgomery is, in her own words, ‘A six-foot-five, redheaded, pigtailed, gap-and-buck-toothed, nine-fingered, guitar-playing freak.’ Out of Richmond, Va., she fronts the Live Wires, a bluegrass band with a honky-tonk problem that they’re not trying to fix. She writes and performs what music promoter Page Wilson dubbed, ‘purebred American mongrel music.’ The Live Wires are acoustic and unplugged. It’s the 1990s, and the radio airplay world is divided between grunge and Garth Brooks.”

Harry would also like to cordially invite you–yes, you!–to the upcoming production of Hand of God put on by the 5th Wall Theater. Mr. Kollatz has been working behind-the-scenes for the 5th Wall for a long time and would appreciate your support. I would like to add personally that Richmond has a great local theater scene and you should check it out ASAP!!

Listen to us jabber about old-timey Richmond, blather on about bluegrass, hem and haw about this and that. It’s a whole lotta fun!

Follow Harry and Carlisle on social med for more updates on the book, expect it to hit shelves soon!

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