David L Robbins

We landed ourselves an interview with a national bestseller! Yes sir, Prose and Cons sure has hit the Big Times. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to thank all of our devoted listeners when we win our first Podcasty, or whatever the Grammy equivalent is…

David had graciously invited us to record in his home and was idly strumming a well-worn guitar on his deck as Dom and I walked up. Before we knew it, we were seated comfortably on the second best back porch in Richmond, ice waters in hands. As I handed him the mic, he quickly grabbed a nearby candelabra and, snatching a large candle off the top, created a damned functional mic stand.

Dom characteristically bungled his “research” within the first 30 seconds of the interview, fortunately, I was there, armed with my wealth of knowledge and snappy wit.

From there, it was smoooooth sailin’! David is as gregarious as he is prolific, and he is prolific. In the second half of the episode, he reads the first two chapters from what will be his 15th published novel, Isaac’s Beacon.

This really is a fantastic episode, and well worth a listen. If you haven’t already, could you please subscribe to our humble podcast? We’d sure appreciate it.

David would like everyone to know about James River Writers, the best and biggest local organization for writers. Check our their monthly Writing Show and their annual conference.

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