Episode 13: Kris Spisak – Get a Grip on Your Grammar

Kris Spisak does it all: fiction, non-fiction, blog writing, editing, web design, even hosting of (probably) the first ever grammar gameshow! Kris sat down with us humble P&C hosts in the WRIR studio for a delightful chat about grammar, writing, and the surprising similarities between emojis and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Spisak has been garnering her online following since creating her writing tips blog in 2012 (she recently posted her 337th tip: “‘Nick of Time’ vs. ‘Knick of Time'”). Last year, she gave in to the constant chorus of “When’s the book?” and published Get a Grip on Your Grammar: 250 Writing and Editing Reminders for the Curious or Confused

Though a passionate editor and grammarian, Kris didn’t set out to join the grammar police. Since deciding to become a writer at sixteen, she has written several novels, many drawing on her background as a Ukrainian American. Although Get a Grip is Spisak’s first published book, she currently has a manuscript out which she hopes will earn her a publishing deal soon.

You know that nightmare where you show up in school in your underwear and have to take a test you didn’t know about and didn’t study for? That is how I felt when Kris started an impromptu grammar quiz (though for the record I was wearing most of my clothes). Despite me making an utter fool of myself by using the non-word “funner” (and being called out on it by our lovely co-host Dom), we really had a great time chatting with Kris. She even got us pretty excited about grammar tips!



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