Episode 11: Michael “Mikemetic” Donovan – Hood Haiku

Michael Donovan, author of Hook Haiku, joined Dom and I in the WRIR studio as the guest for this week’s episode. Last year, Donovan was featured in a Style Weekly article, focusing on the origin and evolution of Hood Haiku (read it here).

During the first segment of our show, Michael chose to read a poem titled Earthseed, by Octavia Butler. The poem comes from Butler’s novel Parable of the Sower and, in the book, describes the core tenet of the fictional religion of Earthseed, that “God is change”. It is also a prime example of late-20th-century Afrofuturism and a powerful think-piece, which will cause you to reexamine your belief (or unbelief) in God.

We started our second segment with selections from the “Knowledge” chapter of Hook Haiku. Dom and I each read a haiku and Michael read two, with plenty of context and conversation in-between.

“Mikemetic” Donovan is not only a poet and musician, he is also a WRIR veteran and a great dude. We had a great time chatting with him, and we hope you’ll enjoy this special episode.

Hood Haiku, Vol. 1: Sidewalk Science is published through Fist City Press and is available now. You can purchase it here.

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